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Do TLDNIC domains work different from traditional ones?:

Domains on these extensions work and behave exactly like on traditional ones and can be used for the same purposes, e.g. websites, redirects, link-shortening and email. The domains work globally on any browser or device that can handle traditional domains.

What about SEO? How do TLDNIC domains rank on search engines?:

Search engines, such as Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex generally treat these domains in the same way as any other generic domain. However, with the availability of exact match names at TLDNIC that are long gone on other extensions, backlinks from other websites naturally contain the exact keywords that a website is proposed to rank for, which is one of the main factors search algorithms measure topic relevancy on.
Also, in contrary to country specific extensions like .DE, .CA or .CN that are locked to their corresponding region for organic ranking on search engines, all our Domain names are treated as generic by Google. That means they can rank the exact same way as .COM domains.
Yet they come with the advantage of an optional opt-in to any user-chosen geo region via Google Search Console if specific geo targeting is desired.
Example: a Google search for Google Geo Switcher returns a Google tool built on a .COM.PUB domain ranking on the first page, regardless of the geo-location the user is in.

Is there premium pricing for the most valuable names?

All names will have the same create and renewal pricing within each extension. High value names such as hotel.com.amsterdam, nyc.com.pizza, berlin.com.immobilien or casino.com.pub will be available for the same price as any random number/letter string on the same extension. There will only be one price tier per extension. While pricing is still being finalized we expect the names to become available in the standard region of other generic extensions.

How to get early access to a specific high value name?

Since all names are standard priced, some high value names may be desired by multiple registrants. While the best chance to get the name of choice is staying up to date on the launch timeline via email newsletter and/or checking our website, early allocation of some names may be considered before general release:
Bulk orders for a certain number of domain names and projects that have committed to active usage of a specific domain name, such as rebranding of an existing website or a new website that has a certain allocated marketing budget are some of the cases we are considering immediate domain registration for. To find out if your project is eligible, please email sales@tldnic.com.

How and when can TLDNIC domains be registered?

Our exclusive extensions will be available for registration on TLDNIC.com very soon. In order to get updates on the timeline, and for early access opportunities for the most valuable names, please subscribe to our mailing list below:

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